As many other music labels try to bond their artists to themselves and their recording studio, we instead only focus on project-dependent collaborations. By doing that, we try to guarantee the satisfaction of every single artist with our various services.


At GM music is a top priority. Our credo is, that music is a language. A language spoken everywhere in the world. Music is not just a cold succession of frequencies and vibrations, but it is made alive through emotions.


Out there are a lot of talented artists and musicians, who are able to enchant only a few people with their music, but basically remain undiscovered and unknown for most of the time. Exactly that’s the point where we want to change something. Our goal is to start a collaboration exactly with those artists, who are very talented; however, have not been discovered yet by a larger audience. 

our service


We offer a professional music-production, following the modern industry standards and take care that your voice gets the right surrounding. 


In this step we record every single instrument, for instance, drums, guitar, bass and vocals on “Tracks” in a parallel and individual way.


By mixing the song we put all those single tracks to one single unit. The last step of the mixing process is the so called mixdown.


During the mastering process we set a very high priority for the homogeneity of the album. Through the adjustment to a huge variety of sound systems, which are decisive for the mastering, we try to guarantee the costumer the best listening experience. 

Marketing Strategy

Together with You we will develop an individual marketing strategy in advance of the release. We want to make sure that your artwork reaches the most people possible, which includes campaigns in print, online and broadcast lists . 

Digital Distribution

We arrange your digital-/online- distribution and make sure your songs are available on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play and every other important streaming platform. 



Marketing: Development, Strategy, Marketing, etc. 







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